Smart Idea, Business Cards

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 Mom and I were talking the other day, she was telling me of all the people she has told about the Lyons web site. She mentioned that she had to write out all the information for each person.  To save her from all that writing Robert and I made up a  business card so she can pass out the information and make it easier to share.  Here's our combined effort, I did the watercolor of the Lyons, and Robert put the words in place.



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One thought though; on Donald and Carolyn Engstrom's web page, they have a clever phrase they use - "The Lyon's Den" I'm not sure if that could be integrated with your artwork? Looks really good!  
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Business Card

I like your comment about the "Lyons Den". I like the way that Donald has set up his web-site and feel that is where the "Lyons Den" belongs.  It just would'nt work on my card. Thanks for the thought.