Importance of Family History

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 I've finally been able to log into the site and think it is wonderful. I love seeing the excitement in my mother and daughter, even though there are tears of frustration at times there are things that bring back the happiness and joy. My home has been blessed by wonderful spirits who guide my mom in her work. I do what I can, but she puts everything into it. I am truly blessed because of my mother. Thank you. 


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I champion your support

Thank you for contributing! In no way do I want to be a means to dampen Mom's enthusiasm, passion and dedication to this work. During this phase of the project, verifying facts in context of our families information is crucial. Mom is the best person to head up this mission. I'm so excited to have her touch on these records!  
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Sloan Cousins in Australia

My 12 year old daughter got a letter yesterday from some "unknown to her cousins" yesterday. She was so excited she couldn't sit still to talk about. Talk about bouncing off the walls. She told everybody she knew and some she didn't know that she has cousins in Australia. Once she calmed down she wrote to her cousin Emily in Smithfield that she too has cousins in Australia and she should start writing to them. Here is what happened to get this letter to Cadie: Nana has been writing to her cousins in Australia, some have girls the same age as my girl. The adults pursuaded the youth to write and wow, it was a hit on this end. I can see a wonderful friendship developing through this experience between Cadie and Emily here and Mikayla and Alene Sloan in Australia. The Slaon girls just pumped my Cadie up. It was great. Thanks Nana.  
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Nana (Geraldine) Expertise

I have been working with Nana, (working is only used as an operative word, she did all the work) on family names. I want to share thevalue of someone who is commited to family research. When Nana gets on a line to work it she puts hours into it. It's like she is chasing a rabbit down it's hole, she chases the rabbit until she comes out the other end. When she is satisfied she has the right burrow she goes back down and searchs side tunnels. It's amazing to watch her work and track lines. I believe in life after death and the spirits of departed family members are nearby. Sometimes to help or nudge us when necessary. I visualize a line of family ancestories at Nana's room, each one waiting for their turn to "be found", each one nudging her to look in a particular spot for find evidence of their existence. All the facts necessary to bring them back to life for us. It's exciting to see her dig through records and then stop and say, that dosn't look right, or feel right and sure enough some time later she find something that supports her hunch and she is able to document the change. I know she has unseen help. There are many who come to her for assistance to be found. I call it her heritage. If she can be so receiptive the "nudges" of ancestors and so persistant in finding the information (Leroy thank you for the site) I can do my little part in ensuring thier time in eternity is productive. I love working with Geraldine. To see her entire frame come to life when she discovers new facts about the person she is researching. She bounces off the walls she is so excited and becomes like my 12 year old Cadie when she learned that she has cousins in Australia. The word that fits her is renewed. It's wonderful to see her excited and busy searching for family lines and people. I ask that if any can submit information, pictures, facts about the lines she has on the Lyons and extended family please do so. This is a rewarding experience, by sharing the information you have brings those who have passed on back to life. They can live again through us. Speaking of live again through us Nana found a passport application for a John Humphrey's. On the application is a discription of the person apply for the passport. When Nana read the description of John Humphrey to my wife and I, Dixie (my wife who is an artist) replied, "that sounds like Uncle Bob."  Amazing.