Bicknell Family Crest

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 Bicknell was a locational name "of Bickenhill" a parish in County Warwick, seven miles from Birmingham. There is also a place in Bickenall in County Somerset. The earliest known bearer of this surname is John Bickonyll of Woolvington Manor, whose sons William and John became respectively Chancellor of Canterbury and MP for Shaftesbury in the mid 15th century. They are probably descended from John de Paveley, a nobleman of Norman descent who held Brickenhall in the 13th century, and was sometimes referred to as John de Bykenhull. The name was taken to America by Zachary Bicknell, who emigrated from Barrington, Somerset, England to Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts in 1635. This branch of the Bicknells is documented back to the 1500's with Nicholas Bicknell in England and ended eleven generations later with Alma Hattie Bicknell Smith.