Captain Gilbert Carr Trufant

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This is a short history of the Clipper William Tapscott that lists Captian Gilbert Carr Trufant as one of the owners.

The William Tapscott was one of the largest full-rigged ships built in Maine during the 1850s. She was a typical "Down Easter"-sturdy, moneymaking, moderately sparred, and designed for carrying capacity. She was a three-decker with a square stern and billet head. Among her owners, including her namesake, were such well-known mariners as William Drummond, Gilbert Carr Trufant, and George B. Cornish. She hailed from New York. After plying the oceans for about forty years the William Tapscott was lost in the English Channel in the early 1890s. The William Tapscott: 1525 tons: 195’ x 41’ x 21’ Built: 1852 by William Drommond at Bath, Maine. The ship was chartered by the Mormon Church to carry immigrants to New York in 1859.