Gifts over generations and continents

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I watched my daughter play her new game today (Christmas present).  She was talking to the TV, providing the personification that only a 12 year old can administer to a television set, threatening to never play with it again if it didn’t let her win. Yeah, I thought, no more noisy TV games. As I looked at her to explain what personification was I saw on the end-table next to her chair the envelope she received from her cousins in Australia, it was then I realized I was looking at another special gift, (a blessing) that family history brings; I’ll call it generational blessings over distance. (Both physical and generational). 
Through the prompting of parents and grandparents a pen-pal relationship has begun between cousins. When my Cadie received her letter from the cousins in Australia she was bouncing all over the house. As if she were filled with Dr. Pepper, shaken up and took off her cap.  It was ‘some kind of excited’.  Family history does indeed bring families together, not just in time but also in distance. The generational distance between these girl cousins is somewhere around 6 generations removed; the physical distance is the size of the Pacific Ocean from the California Coast to Southern Australia. We have come together as a family. 
I’m not sure how the family in Australia feels but here in this house we are excited to have cousins in Australia that perhaps we will be able to meet one day (God willing).  I understanding now better than ever before that family ties have no boundaries. What a wonderful gift a common ancestor gave. What a great legacy.