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The children’s book, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” reminds me of what happens when you start thinking of your blessings.  The book starts out, “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk…”    When I think of what I am thankful for I can’t stop at one thing, I may start out thinking I am grateful for my life, that leads me to my family, and then I think how grateful I am for my home, and this land of liberty we live in, then I am reminded of all the hero’s that fought and are fighting for our freedoms and I feel blessed!  Let us take the time to remember and realize the lives, who made it possible for our life!  Take a moment and count the blessings that are ours daily!
I feel to express my gratitude to the hero’s whose life was spent in maintaining, honor, virtue and trustworthiness.   Four hundred years ago hero’s left their society to come to a new land: America. The same is true for other countries, they left their homes and comforts to settle new lands, build societies to fit their values.  They came to a new land that had no society except for the society they brought with them. They came to establish a new community. The structure of their lives was formed in the home, close to the hearth by the women; the mothers of these pilgrims. Building homes, preparing meals, planting and tending to gardens, teaching strong family values was the legacy of these people. These are our ancestors who built a legacy for each of us to follow in our family.
The hero’s in our own families who started in a new land, and moved from one place to another to build a new home, stay ahead of the crowd when they could to move to the frontier and build familial traditions.
I am grateful for those who came before me in my heritage who planted the genetic seeds that set the foundation for me to develop into who I am today.

In the United States this is the time of year that we are to remember those who came to this country to settle it and start a new life. As an honor to those who came before us I recommend each of us remember our own ancestors who built the foundations for us to become who we are and who we can be today to make their lives worth the sacrifices.