Highlights Booklet

For those who have had difficulty downloading the "Highlights" booklet from our main web site, here's an option that may help. The problem has been getting it into a file size that's not so huge. The best I can do is get it to 3.8 MB in a compressed "zip" file format. Once you download it, then double-click it to uncompress it into it's PDF format. (Click the link below to download a copy.)

I know the ideal solution would be to re-do this booklet. In fact, if there are any of you who would like to help with this project, we need someone to retype the text contents of this booklet into a MS Word file. We have access to the pictures and can re-create it. Also, it may need to be edited for accuracy and what not for improvement. If you're interested, please contact Geraldine Lyons or Leroy Ball

Click here to download the "Highlights" booklet