History of the Maddox Family Window

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 This beautiful Stained Glass Window was created in 1882 by Thomas James Notley Maddox with his two sons Samuel Maddox and Thomas John Claggett Maddox and is commemorated along the west wall of Christ Church, St. Mary’s County Parish, Chaptico, Maryland.
Samuel Maddox, 1666, is the 3rd great grandfather of Thomas James Notley Maddox

The Castle Madog is located eight to ten miles north of Breconshire, Wales.


Ancestors listed in this window are: Samuel Maddox, Born in Seethrog, Brenconshire, Wales, (son of John Madog Lord of Seethrog), who settled in Chaptico, St. Mary’s, Maryland in 1666.
Next are Samuel Maddox and Lydia Turner His Wife. Samuel married to Lydia Turner is the Great Grandson of the First Samuel listed in this window. He is the son of John Maddox and Mary Dyson. John Maddox is the son of Notley Maddox Sr. and Margaret Goldsmith.
The next are Samuel Maddox and Sarah Fowler His Wife. This Samuel is the Son of Samuel and Lydia Turner and the Father of Dr. Thomas James Notley Maddox, with his sons Samuel Maddox and Dr. Thomas John Claggett Maddox, the last three names listed on this Maddox Family Window.