How to Find Others Who Have Researched Our Family Tree

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There are times we can only go so far ourselves without some help. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could join forces with others out there who might be working on the same name? Who knows, they may have found materials which you don’t have, and visa versa. Here’s a couple ideas to help you locate people who might be working on either the George Emery Lyons Sr and Ruth Hazel Sainsbury line. Just in case you need a point of reference, click here to visit our main genealogy web site.

Message Boards

There are three major web sites offering this feature:

  • Click the Message Boards Tab at the top of the page. This is based on Surnames. It shows by threads (topics) that are posted.
  • Since both of these are offered by the same company, the features are identical. Click the Collaborate Drop Down Menu, then click Message Boards
  • Even though this web site is also owned by, it's organized a bit differently and may contain information in threads not found it the previous two options.

Mailing List

Here are three major web sites offering mailing lists:

  • Click the Mailing Lists Tab at the top of the page. This allows you to subscribe to a mailing list, which you need to sign up for to receive messages. When you subscribe to it, you are able to get into the archives. It's kind of like a Message Board post but disguised as a Mailing List.
  • Cyndi's List. Click the Mailing List Vertical Tab (at the left of the page) to bring up the CyndisList Mailing List. This is an aggregator site that has links to many other web sites. Here you will need to subscribe to use it.
  • At this web site, you upload your family tree, then you can view a pedigree chart that shows different ways you may be connected to others who are working on the same line. A double-click on a box will bring up a pop-up window with an option button at the bottom, which allows you to Collaborate. Click it to bring up a list of those also working on that individual and it shows you their email address where you may communicate directly with them. 

I hope you find this information helpful in finding others out there who may be working on the same Lyons or Sainsbury lines. Teaming up with people is a good thing. Good luck to you in researching our family tree!


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Lyons history

I finally got onto the site and have access to post a blog. Congratulations to me. This site is awsome and I really appreciate learning what others have done to bring about the information that is on this site. Thank you all of you. In this way we can not only bring our ancestors into our lives but bring each other into our lives even though we are miles apart in distance.