Keeping Our Ancestors Alive

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The search for ancestors is sometimes a frustrating and a rewarding experience. Why is that? I propose that the search is the sometimes frustrating part; the finding is a partial reward. I don't have a specific story but I want to write about how the rewards come to us.

A major part of the reward is finding who the person is. In my opinion, when the ancestor is found (doesn't matter how long ago or recent) that person comes to life. They live through us. Not in some weird way but in learning where they lived, what they did for a living and what their family was like, all indicate what they cared about, and we can realate that careing in a personal way in our life and and family and in essense, they come alive in our finding them and our lives expand or become enriched because of the experience. Finding them is one reward, another reward is shareing that person's life.

So I ask this of anyone who will accept: once you find the ancestor and learn of their experience share the story of how that person lived. In my experience it's learning how people lived that brings the reward, so the story of their life can benefit more than just one person, allow it to enrich others as well. Someone will appreciate the story, and it's in the telling of the story that our ancestors stay with us.