Lost Ancestor

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 My grandaughter, Lindsay, found Zephaniah Dyson's 1st wife, (who I had as "Dorraty"), in the New Family Search as Dorothy Viers.  From this article that Lindsay sent me, From "Doris Forsyth" <coloradogirl@wavecable.com>, we would like to assist Doris in locating the Death Date & Place for Dorotha Hanley Viers.   Information researched by Doris Forsyth. "Dorotha was born to Capt. William Viers and Mary Magruder. Her father, William named her  for HIS mother - her paternal grandmother. The grandmother was Dorotha Hanley Viers, so there  were two women with the same name.The grandmother was born a Hanley and married a Viers. The baby girl was given the name of Dototha Hanley at birth and her family name was Viers.  The young girl, Dorotha, eventually married Zephaniah Dyson and they had 4 children, one girl, Anna, and 3 boys. Over the years, and somewhere along the way Dorotha died - at least she was no longer a part of the life of Zephaniah Dyson. Zephaniah was a Rev. War vet and I've tried to do a DAR entry on him. The fact that Zephaniah married a second time in 1811, when he no longer was a young man, and died 3 years later, is recorded information. What I am unable to find is what became of  Zephaniah's first wife - Dorotha Viers Dyson.  Census records often recorded her as "Dorraty", since her name was NOT Dorothy, but one that  was hard to spell correctly - Dototha.  Zephaniah and Dorotha Hanley Viers Dyson's daughter, Anna married David Reed in West Virginia or across the river in Ohio. This makes them my 5th gr. grandparents."   I wonder if Dorotha was buried on her father's, William Elisha Viers, farm.  William is buried on his farm, Prospect Hill, Dawsonville, Montgomery, Maryland. William died after 25 Jun 1811 and Dorotha died 1811.  Any Ideas or information on this would be appreicated.