Martha Jane McIndoo Colebank

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Martha Jane McIndoo is the second child and daughter of John Milton McIndoo and Elizabeth Carolina Cunningham McIndoo. She is also the older sister of James Simeon McIndoo.  This story is taken from "William Cunningham and His Decendants" by June Blansham Summer 1883 Illinois.

Martha McIndoo Colebank and Typhoid Fever

Not long after Martha had her first child at age 16, some of their neighbors came down with typhoid fever. The whole neighbor family came down with it and no one would go over and help them. Martha went over and nursed them back to health but contracted typhoid fever herself. She was very ill and bedridden for 6 weeks. Coils of rubber hose were fixed around her head and cold water was run through the hose from a container above her head to keep the fever down. She survived, but was told it had weakened her heart. Not too badly, however, since she lived to be 93 years old and claimed 200 descendants! 

Photo #1: Martha Jane McIndoo, age 14, 1881

Photo #2: Martha, L S Colebank, Clara, and Lizzie, 1886

Photo #3: Martha and L S Colebank, 60 Wedding Anniversary, 1942