Nathaniel Batchelder 1630-1710

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Son of Nathaniel Bachiler & Hester Mercer, Husband of Deborah Smith, Mary Carter Wyman and Mrs Elizabeth Knill, Nathaniel Bachiler is the Son of Rev
 Stephen Bachiler & Anne Bate
Selecting a Wife
The story is told in the Batchelder family that when Nathaniel's first wife, Deborah died March 8, 1676, he determined to marry again. This time, he resolved to be governed in his choice by the direction in which his staff, held perpendicularly over the floor, should fall when dropped from his hand. The experiment being tried, the staff fell towards the southwest, and in that direction he left Hampton, New Hampshire and bent his steps.
Having travelled as far as Woburn, Massachusetts, he called on the widow Wyman, Mary Carter Wyman by name, and offered her his hand, stating that he was going to Boston and would call for her answer upon his return. Nathaniel and Mary were married in Woburn August 31, 1676, and she returned with him to Hampton as his second wife. 
Mary died December 16, 1688 and Nathaniel married his third wife Mrs. Elizabeth Knill in Charlestown, Massachusetts August 23, 1689.
Nathaniel died January 2, 1710 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.