U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989

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1870 U.S. Census George L. Howe living in Flagg, Ogle, Illinois with his wife Ellen Maria Patrick. He is a Boot & Shoe Dealer.

In 1880 Census & 1879 Lawrence, Kansas City directory the Howe family is living in Rochelle, Ogle, Illinois. Occupation is still Boot & Shoe Dealer.

1883 Lawrence, Kansas City directory, two of the How children are living at the same address with their parents: Miss Eva F. Howe, (Student) Mrs. E. M. Howe, G. L. Howe, (Merchant) W. L. Howe, (Student). Clifford I. Howe (6 years) is not in this directory.

We follow this family from Illinois to Kansas, to Nebraska, to Ohio, to Denver, to Seattle/Spokane & Tacoma, Washington.

1889 City Directory of Omaha list Clifford I. Howe as clerk of the Howe-Talmage Shoe Co. G. L. Howe as Pres., W. L. Howe V-pres & treas of Howe-Talmage Shoe Co.

Omaha city directory of 1902 records George L. Howe as President of the Rochester Shoe Comoany. Son Walter L. is V-pres & son Clifford I. is secretary & treasurer. All living with George's daughter Eva whose married name is Benedict.

George died around 1903. In 1920 Ellen M. & Eva F. Howe Benedict are in the Denver U.S. Census. Same address listed as widows.

1914 & 1918 Walter L. Howe is in Cincinnati, Ohio City Directory as a hoter proprietor & owner (Howe Hotel).

1930 Cincinnati U.S. Census tells of Ellen M. Howe living with her son Walter L. Howe, (Hotel Proprietor & Owner).

1902 Omaha city directory Clifford I. Howe is listed as Manager, Secretary & Treasurer of Rochester Shoe Co. He is living at the same address as his father George L. Howe. This is the last address given for George, indicating his death was shortly after 1902. WE suspect 1903.

Clifford was found in the 1910 U.S. Census of Aberdeen, Brown, South Dakota with his wife Mabel Winona. He is listed as a Traveling Man.

1912 city directory Clifford I. Howe is in Seattle, Washington working as a salesman for B. F. Goodrich Co. Over the next decade or so Clifford is in 11 Directories and 3 different cities: Seattle, Washington, Sopkane, Washington, & Tacoma, Washington. His employment ranges from Salesman to President of C. I. Howe Gas and Oil in Tacoma, Washington.

It has been fascinating to follow this family from city to city and across the country through City Directories and Census records. We were excited to find their occupations also their family at the same addresses. Sometimes the city directories are found every year.