Where Did That Name Originate From?

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Have you ever wondered about the history of a surname? Our surname Sainsbury from our ancestor Ruth Hazel Sainsbury has been recorded with several different spellings. Some of these are listed as Saynsbery, Sandsbery, Sansbury, Sainbury, and Saintbury. The following notes are linked to Joseph Sandsbery (christened, 22 Jan 1562, St. James, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England) listed in the details on New Family Search.org. This was added from Contributor, bevsainsbury.  *Notes:  This family I believe came from Saintbury, Gloucester, England.  It is a small hamlet that is named after King Sweyne from Denmark, one of the early conquerors of the coastal areas of England, as the Vikings used to rob, pillage and plunder the English coasts.  King Sweyne lived in the area in a fort.  Later the town was called Sweyne's Fort, which finally became Swenesbury (for borough) and ended up as Saintbury, which it is called today. It is a beautiful little hamlet in the rolling hills of the Cotswold.  At the time of Doomsday, (the first census of England in 1160) this area was given to and owned by a Lord, Sir Richard Saintbury.


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