Gifts over generations and continents

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I watched my daughter play her new game today (Christmas present).  She was talking to the TV, providing the personification that only a 12 year old can administer to a television set, threatening to never play with it again if it didn’t let her win. Yeah, I thought, no more noisy TV games.


It's A Small Small World!

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 Within the first 3 weeks that our site was up a cousin from Australia conntacted us and has been sending new and updated information on the Weakley lines.  I have recieved a letter from one of my Sloan cousins that mother and I met, shared time and built wonderful memories that I still treasure. Another lady, on the Staker lines, typed in Google her dead husband's name and up came our web site.  Now I have e-mail from her, her daughter and a friend.  It's trully a Small Small World.


Lyons Picnic

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Cousins at Picnic
Mom and I had a safe trip home from the Picnic in the Park for the Cousins get together on the 16 of June.  We had a wonderful time and hope to do this again.  I know this ment a lot to mom to be in touch with family that she hasn't seen for a long time.  I was able to meet wonderful people who are my family.  May we all realize the blessing it is to be connected as a family, you are all amazing! 


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